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Looking for general contractor in the New York area? Don’t make the mistake of hiring a contractor with little experience or contacts in the industry, as experience and contacts are really what will make a project run smoothly and get done in a timely manner.

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We have the contacts to put the right teams of workers on the right projects, and we also have the man power to monitor things and make sure that things are running on time, many other contractors will take on too many projects and let things get out of hand, we will not. Projects that are under manned and under planned are just too big of a liability.

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From A-Z we will gut the apartment and start from scratch.

Interior Design

Our interior designers will come up with different options and ideas for your dream home.


Want to remodel instead of renovate? We do that too!


Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in most houses, we make sure you’ll love yours.


Bathrooms can be made simple and cheap or extravagant and expensive. Let us show you the bathrooms we’ve done from scratch.


Our painting services include interior and exterior areas whether it’s residential or commercial.

Experts In NYC Apartment Renovation

Are looking to upgrade and add value to your New York City apartment home or your business? Or, do you have mechanicals that are always breaking and need fixing? Simple but extremely detailed painting services that need completion? Top to bottom remodeling services for your kitchen or bathroom? Well then you’re in the right place, we’ve been helping New Yorkers upgrade their homes, apartments and businesses for over 35 years, so there is no situation that we haven’t seen or been a part of working on, there are no projects that we cannot expertly consult you on. The most important part of our business starts before the paint brush goes into the bucket or first sheet of drywall goes up. The fact is that the consultation on a project will make or break a project. Your renovation expert need to know the law in extreme detail as well as how to work with associations and to get permits. The last thing you want are any surprises, and yet so often this is what happens with inexperienced contractors.

Our greatest strength is in our experience level and in our ability to consult on a wide variety of projects. We can and will help you to avoid every single hidden danger and problem in your renovation projects. Our value is in our honesty and our willingness to tell our clients the whole story without holding anything back. You simply cannot overlook the importance of experience, every building project is different and has different challenges and obstacles that must be over come. It’s likely that many construction companies in manhattan can complete a remodeling project, but not all will have the right plan in place. The value is in the plan and being able to see around corners, this is only earned through experience. In addition these projects need to come in on time and on budget. Unlike other contractors we won’t tell you want you to hear or cut corners and offer an inferior finished product. It’s just not worth it for us.

We use the right materials, the right tools and the right people in order to provide only quality workmanship, so you can rest assured that the job is done right, you won’t get faulty work that needs to be repaired again and again. If you trust the wrong contractor that can easily become your living nightmare. It’s not the pricing which is the bottom line it’s the overall value that’s brought to the table, and value is a mixture of price and craftsmanship. We’re always willing to look at ways to cut costs where possible, however we will tell you our honest opinion and caution against and risky moves. Click the following services to learn more: Roofing Service, Waterproofing Service, Restoration Services.

Bhutta Renovation services the tri-state area including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Long Island.

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It takes experience to know how to handle different jobs and manage people, that is what we do exceptionally well. We treat every project that we take as a priority and won’t take on too much if we know that it won’t get the highest level of attention. Many other newer companies feel like they have to take on projects and get overwhelmed and therefore you end up with problems. We are selective with the projects that we take because we know that one botched project leads to a bad reputation, and our reputation is our most valued commodity.

My apartment was designed, renovated, and completed within 6 months. Every detail was completed just like it was purposed and I love my new home! I would recommend Bhutta Renovation to anybody looking to get any work done in New York City.


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